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Themed Teen Rooms (For Artist, Dancer, Rockstar and Scientist!)

Once we combed Carre’s website a number of days again for some neat wardrobe designs, we couldn’t assist however discover the set of themed teen room ideas that they had for kids. Their teen room assortment is damaged down into 4 units: Artist, Dancer, Rockstar and Scientist. Every set comes with its personal set of props.

Artist Theme for Teenager’s Room

No prizes for guessing what the proprietor of this little room is into!

artist theme room

creative kid room artist

Dance Themed Teenager’s Room

With elegant ballet artists adorning the partitions and tender hues that breath stylish, this house ought to encourage the dancer inside.

dancing theme kids room

dancer kids room

dancer style room

Rockstar/Musician Themed Teenager’s Room

One of many few rockstar themed rooms on the market that appear to drag it off with out going overboard.

rockstar room theme

music themed room

desk bed storage

Scientist/Genius Themed Teenager’s Room

DNA strands, molecule fashions, Einstein caricature. Can it get any geekier? 🙂

scientist themed kids room

genius kids room

The rockstar one is our favourite. What’s yours?

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